Abolitionist Demands (2020 reprint)

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This is a new print run of the original Abolitionist Demands.

A note from our National Secretary, as in the new preface:

The Abolitionist Demands was written in a specific time and context. This means that some of the data we use throughout the book is out of date. There are also demands which we would have chosen to emphasise more or less if they were written today. Importantly, we have also had some important wins since the 2016 publication. In particular, we’ve seen a partial return of voting rights, some improvement in policy around transgender prisoners, abortion law reform, and some increase in legal aid funding. As at the time of writing, we are also hopeful for the abolition of three strikes laws, as well as parole and remand reform.

While this is not the book we would have written today, the ambitious and hopeful abolitionist spirit running through the book remains in our movement. As an organisation buoyed by international efforts for justice transformation, as well as by our successful campaigns at home, we know the arc of history is turning. The task ahead of us can seem daunting, but it is a struggle we can and must win. If our movement and collective power continues to grow, we know we can truly achieve an Aotearoa without prisons.

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